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“Proven experience in delivering projects using Global Delivery Model – More than 500-person years of project experience.”

When to consider us as your Technology Partner?

Recruitment of Talent

Constantly looking out for the best talent for a new project, every time.


Unmanageable cost overruns for a wide portfolio of projects

Team Stability

Managing a stable and varied team roles takes a lot of effort

Oversight and Control

Difficulty accessing quality and control over complex team operations

What is Resource Augmentation?

Resource Augmentation provides hourly and/or part-time engineers to support your in-house team’s software development outsourcing cycle as needed. This avoids lengthy sourcing and recruiting processes and facilitates hiring highly-demanded roles that may be needed on a limited basis.

Resource augmentation is the best choice if you want to hire developers, extend or empower your team with IT staff.

Cosmonet is the preferred talent provider for leading clients

They have a tremendous ability to understand your vision behind the project and they become the part of your team while working on your project. They have exceptional technological capabilities.

Takashi Maki

They know what they are doing and they’re doing it really well. They are experts in their field and are doing an amazing job.


They have been servicing us more than a decade and their innovation and involvement mentality has helped us to over come hurdles internally. They constantly improve their approach by suggestions and ideas.


Technology stack provided through Resource Augmentation

We offer a wide variety of IT related services and expertise that fits in your project requirements.
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Application Development & Management

Help develop complex applications that deliver value to businesses.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Analyze data to help make informed business decisions.

Emerging Technologies

Deliver custom solutions to organizations to achieve business excellence.

Unified Commerce

One-stop solution to create a seamless customer experience.

Product Re-Engineering

Add features, improve performance and fix your existing systems.


Introduce digital solutions accross businesses to add value to customers.

Ready to extend your Technical Expertise?

Cosmonet Solutions is a IT services company with 20 years of experience in global delivery.

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