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The world has gone crazy over generative AI, which has made it possible to apply this once-mysterious technology far more often. For many years, our professionals have been utilizing and studying this and other machine learning technologies in-depth.

Cosmonet can bring your business up to speed on this technology quickly and maintain its competitive edge by streamlining procedures, introducing previously unheard-of automation, and using intelligent chatbots that have been carefully taught to understand your offerings in terms of both products and services to almost read the minds of your consumers.


What We Offer In Generative AI

Gen AI - Rapid Prototyping

With our AI development, you can turn your idea into a working prototype in 8–12 weeks. By combining human talent with technology, we facilitate innovation and sustainable growth.

Software Engineering Services

Our expertise lies in creating tailored software solutions that address particular customer requirements, facilitate process optimization, enhance decision-making, and unleash growth potential.

AI/Gen AI - Consulting & App Development

We optimize data and AI strategy with our AI consulting. We find possibilities in AI, develop and implement models, and assist clients in realizing the full potential of AI to meet their objectives.

Data Engineering & Analytics

Smartphones have become increasingly popular, and their penetration has become mainstream and increased mobile app usage. Be it native or hybrid apps, we at Cosmonet design, develop and build custom mobile applications that best suit customer needs.


What Cosmonet Offers?

LLM models and generative AI are strong instruments with numerous application possibilities. With their vast experience in creating these models, our team of professionals can assist you in creating a model that is tailored to your particular requirements.

We begin by comprehending your needs and commercial objectives. After that, we collaborate with you to gather the information required to train the model. We can assist you with deploying and integrating the trained model into your current systems.

Additionally, our staff is accessible to offer continuous maintenance and assistance. When your needs change, we can assist you in updating the model and troubleshooting any issues you may run into.

Applications for workplace search and discovery can be developed using generative AI. You can locate the information you need more quickly and easily with the aid of these applications.

We could, for instance, develop a search app that interprets your search terms using generative AI. Even if your searches are not well-formed, our program can nonetheless deliver the most relevant results.

Additionally, we can develop a discovery tool that leverages generative AI to find fresh data pertinent to your company. This application would have the ability to extract information from your data that is concealed and present it in an understandable manner.

Enterprise search and discovery applications can be developed with generative AI. These apps might make it easier and faster for you to find the information you require.

For instance, we could develop a search program that interprets your search terms using generative AI. Even if your queries are poorly constructed, our application will still be able to return the most pertinent results.

We can also develop a discovery application that finds fresh data relevant to your company through the use of generative AI. The information that is concealed in your data may be found by this application, and it could then display the information in an understandable manner.

Adoption of AI can be a difficult and complicated process. To ensure the success of your AI projects, our team of professionals can assist you in navigating this process.

We begin by comprehending the aims and goals of your company. Next, we collaborate with you to create an adoption roadmap for AI. Additionally, we will offer you advice on how to choose AI technology, apply AI solutions, and train your staff members.

Additionally, our staff is accessible to offer continuing guidance and assistance. We can assist you in resolving any issues you run into and in modifying your AI projects in response to shifting requirements.

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