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Dance Studio – Native App Development

Architecture & Design of native apps on both iOS and Android to manage bookings, payments and invoices

Native App Development – F and B Delivery

Design & Development of native apps on both iOS and Android and search functionality with results saved for future references

Banking Application

Enhance functionalities and workflows of an existing banking application by leveraging the latest of technology and improving security.

Process Integration and Automation

One of the customers from Fortune Global 500 companies the older application that the organisation was using had two disparate applications that helped the sales team arrive at the proposal for a prospect. The two separate systems provide inputs by generating technical specifications documents and calculate the mechanical equipment dimensions and cost estimations.

AI-based – Quality Evaluation App

A global post-harvest Agri-Logistics Group has challenges with the current process of ensuring the quality of commodities. The process involves the Warehouse manager analyzing every lot against the defined physical parameters manually. This process is time-consuming and is prone to errors.

Remote Monitoring & Diagnostic Platform

One of the reputed healthcare organizations needed a solution for a ‘real-time monitoring and diagnostic system’ which is capable of data capturing, root cause and predictive analysis to prevent unplanned shutdown events, surprise outage/failures/breakdown of heavy electrical equipment supplied – ensuring proactive management.


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