Everyone today is innovating and competing for success. This situation demands high end optimized solutions that meet the challenging and ever progressing business scenarios. At Cosmonet we have solutions that meet not only today’s demands but also cater to tomorrow’s growth and challenges.

Our proven frameworks, methodologies, technocrats, managers help you to address your needs. The approaches our solutions deliver are completely proactive and risk free. We provide solutions for multiple business scenarios on multiple platforms be it on IT, or Smart phones or mobile devices. Our solutions are tailor made to fit the exact requirements and are scalable too. Our solutions are developed in state of the art technologies.

Our teams collaborate with your teams in Agile mode and establish robust solutions that will meet your expectations.

RADAR is one of our flagship products that is used for Quality Management, Process Management and KPI Management. Benefiting from the years of success, RADAR has matured and evolved with the time. RADAR has more than 1 Million user base across the globe.

BizFit is another solution primarily focuses on analytics. With BizFit you can have the information at your finger tips. BizFit converts your data into meaningful and useful information for you.

BizFit mines your data sources, slices and dices the data to present various Analytical reports and Dashboards to you. It also provides you alerts at designated milestones or non conformances. BizFit has powerful structure to get the overview as well as mine the granular details as well. BizFit can work as an independent data source or it can also integrate with the existing applications to extract the data.

Two solutions of BizFit is offered:

   - BizFit Health: This solution focuses on hospitals, and clinics. Finance, operational, compliance aspects of these are       managed using BizFit.

   - BizFit Training: Trainings have become integral part of any organization. BizFit helps the organizations to manage       various trainings. Schedules, cost, revenues, participants etc are manager in BizFit.

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