In these vibrant business situations, CXOs will always have the challenges in terms of optimizing their applications, choosing right technical solutions and partnering with right service providers for boosting their bottom line. Outsourcing is no more a taboo now. Many organizations are finding outsourcing as an effective option to accomplish their targets.

In this process they would be looking for best-of-breed IT service partners. Cosmonet has been chosen as strategic IT partners by several industry majors across the world. We have collaborated with them to manage their IT applications, provided optimizations and supported their objectives. Our client centric approach, service orientation, robust delivery capability, industry domain experience have helped our customers to reap the benefits of our association.

We have mastered the art of making Global Delivery Model work. Customers can leverage from our readymade reusable components and frameworks help to faster their time to market.

Cosmonet has jointly worked out several IT optimization strategies and initiatives along with our customers. Our competitive staffs collaborate with the customers to identify, evaluate multiple solutions to further improve their IT applications, optimize costs, mitigate risks and improve the performances.

With excellent IT capabilities, processes, best practices and proven experience Cosmonet has progressed higher in the value chain by mastering various domain expertise in Insurance and Healthcare.

Cosmonet also has proven expertise in mobile applications. We have developed applications in Android, iOS, Windows mobiles and J2ME enabled smart phones. This has been today’s business need in most of our customer places.

Benefiting from wide variety of experience, Cosmonet has a good collection of reusable components. Customers can collaborate with us to implement their solutions using our expertise, components, and processes. We provide solid governance and IP protections to ensure robust solutions. We call this as Rent ‘a’ Lab. This will enable the customers to realize their ideas very quick and efficient way there by enter the opportunity space in the market in real quick time and maximize the ROI.

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