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Leverage Cosmonet’s product development lab which brings to you extensive experience on developing various products under many domains spread across many technologies. Our team specializes in product development lifecycle. Be it a prototype, proof of concept or a complete product development, our team works with the same attention to details. We bring many ready components that can speed your time to market. Our testing team also specializes in testing for products.

We provide you a dedicated center, fully equipped with systems, processes and experts, needed for the development of a product with help on IP protection and patent filing. Get more help from our Documentation services, Usability engineering and a whole basket of application components for use in your products. Cosmonet’s product development lab offers you space, technologists, domain experts, Usability experts, Test and release experts or Intellectual property experts on hire. Our customer focused labs are governed by strict IP and confidentiality policies. Protecting our customer’s ideas, assets are built in to our culture.

Leverage our time tested product delivery model, a unique framework that helped deliver products on budget and on time always. Evolving requirements from market feeds, that mandate changes in the product under development, need domain experts that can validate some of your functions. Our product development methodology takes care of it all.

  • Dedicated Lab(unit) for project /product development
  • IP Protection Frameworks
  • Complete Isolation amongst customer units
  • Flexible processes , can be easily integrated with customer’s processes
  • Tool driven governance model with complete visibility and control across all delivery streams
  • Resource scalability
  • Dedicated experts (Technology ,Architecture, Domain, Usability, Branding, Intellectual property, Documentation )
  • Ready , time proven components that can be used in your Product/Application, enabling quicker time to delivery and assured quality
  • Components developed for scalability , availability, cloud environment and security
  • Experienced teams that comprise of experts in component based design and programming

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