RADAR – Review And Defect AnalyzeR

RADAR is a complete Web based solution that helps an organization to track, communicate, resolve and analyze defects in a software lifecycle, employing the Review Based Model that follows the CMM principles.


  • Defect tracking at all stages and for all the activities defined
  • Project level and corporate level defect metrics analysis based on CMM guidelines
  • Capable of being hosted on an Intranet / Extranet
  • Flexibility of being centralized or distributed across projects/department/divisions


  • Review Based Defect Tracking
  • Grouped and Categorized
  • Improve the Review Process
  • Helps in analysis of Review Effectiveness and improve the Review process in future
  • Faster Zero-in on a defect
  • Easy to relate defects to a review
  • Effective defect management
  • Better Approach towards Quality
  • Two level reporting
  • Helps in Project Management

  • Orientation
  • Create multiple projects
  • Track reviews and defects on a project-by-project basis
  • Track changes to defects (Audit Trail)
  • Multi-user access to project data
  • Project level field customizations

  • Workflow
  • Customizable role based workflow
  • Workflow can be defined at both Corporate and Project level
  • Achieve better process control

  • Customization
  • Customize Review and Defect Record to match your processes and terminologies;
    add fields, make fields required and/or mandatory, remove fields, change captions and values in list of values. Enable fields for viewing by selected user groups
  • Workflow can be defined at both Corporate and Project level
  • Customization possible at Corporate and Project Levels
  • Field Widths can be Customized
  • Customization possible at Corporate and Project Levels

  • Personalization
  • Customizable startup page
  • Customizable date settings
  • Customizable Intray

  • Reports
  • Create custom queries with Query generator
  • Create private, public or shared queries
  • Share Queries across project users
  • Download queries in CSV format

  • Administration
  • Define Corporate Standards
  • Easy to use intuitive Web-Interface for administration
  • Import and Export projects for Corporate Defect Analysis
  • Customize Fields at the Corporate Level
  • Customize Date Settings

  • Security
3 - Level security
  • User Level
  • Menu Level
  • Field Level
  • Define users and user groups
  • Enable and disable features based on Group Permissions
  • Restrict project accesst

  • Import And Export Of Data
  • Import data from any other RADAR Installation with a couple of clicks
  • Export projects to your corporate RADAR Installation from any other RADAR Installation
  • RADAR data on Laptops can be imported to RADAR Installation for consolidation of Onsite data, if any
  • RADAR data can be imported to laptops from RADAR Installation

  • E-mail Notification
  • Mail notification of defects to users
  • Manually send notifications
  • Schedule the Duration for Mails on a project-by-project basis
  • Notify users by mail while recording defects

  • Attachments
  • Attach any type of file
  • The attachment size is customizable. Attachments size is customizable at two levels, Corporate and Project level
  • View attachments
  • Delete Attachments
  • Download Attachment

  • Advantages
  • Flexible & Fully Customizable
  • Very easy administration
  • Various level of security settings
  • Excellent notification mechanism
  • Support tools available for easy and pain-free usage
  • Support for Defect Prevention
  • Quick Looks - faster defect identification and fixes possible
  • RADAR a must for any kind of quality certification initiatives

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