The convergence on the mobile devices, their fast evolving computing power and multi channel connectivity is creating a seismic shift. It is creating a world of rapidly approaching billions of Internet-connected users, tens of billions of connected consumer electronic devices and hundreds of billions of commercial or industrial connected devices. These new devices are building demand on enterprises and consumers around the globe.

Cosmonet Mobility practice delivers the solutions that enable our clients and their customers to meet the demands and capitalize on the opportunities that mobility presents.

We specialize in ‘mobile ‘izing enterprise applications thus enabling enterprises empower their workforce to responsibly perform thus increasing the responsivity to your customers.

Our Focus

  • New application development
  • Extending Enterprise applications
  • Integration with enterprise data
  • Multi platform porting
  • Mobile application Testing
  • Location based push /pull applications
  • Location based tracking
  • Locations based transformations
  • New game development
  • Multi platform porting
  • Testing

Our Expertise

Leverage Cosmonet’s ready mobile application components. Our frameworks have enabled many of our clients to quickly develop applications and reduce time to market

Why Cosmonet ?

Cosmonet constantly endeavors to deliver high quality solutions that enable healthcare organizations to create agile, effective and dynamic solutions that enable them gain the agility and speed needed to meet changing industry demands, operate more efficiently and effectively. We pride ourselves of Swiss Quality and relentlessly strive to bring innovative solutions of true value to our customers.

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