The wavering economy across is pushing the Insurance industry for more timely, accurate and relevant information, along with a greater need for flexible products that can be built and delivered quickly. Insurers are adapting to these changing business scenarios by revamping fundamental business processes and creating new, IT-powered products. Enhanced analytics speed time-to-market and enable compliance with stringent regulations.

Cosmonet helps property & casualty and life insurers improve their performance. We use our industry experience, deep capability and commitment to outcomes to help them plan and implement complex business and operational challenges.

Our Focus


Our solutions help you to manage your policy info, customer info, group insurance and portfolio of customers. Fund management solutions help you to manage the unit linked products in an efficient manner with minimal risks. We have expertise in understanding and realizing various life insurance products, commission calculations, actuarial calculations, regulations associated with demography and capability to provide high end solutions to these products.

Property and Casualty

Our expertise on Property and Casualty Insurance varies from Policy Management, Customer Management, Claims Processing, Commission Management, Reinsurance solutions etc . With our wide varieties of experience we provide instant value to our customers to realize multiple product solutions in real quick time. Customers can enjoy our association from the value we generate in terms of domain experience, robust processes and scalable frameworks.


Our Auto Insurance domain experience helps the Insurance service providers to manage their applications efficiently in the areas of Premium management, CRMs, Claims Management, Auctions, Agent Management etc. Our optimized solutions enable the customers to get maximum return on investments with real quick time.

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Why Cosmonet ?

Insurance domain has been one of the niche strength of Cosmonet. Cosmonet has more than 500 person years of project success experience in the Insurance domain. At Cosmonet we have technocrats who have moved up in the value chain with the time and experience. Together with domain experts they bring instant value to the customers. Experience gained, best practices assimilated, lessons learnt, knowledgebase built, and components created over the period of time have made Cosmonet niche and strong service provider of Insurance domain.

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