Healthcare industry across the globe is changing and long practiced models for delivering care, serving policyholders and employers, and managing revenues, are increasingly under pressure to be optimized and made more effective. Regulatory agencies are setting new standards for higher levels of service and quality and are constantly focused on lowering costs. Healthcare consumers too are on constant demand for better service care and interactivity with their service providers. It is a challenge to deliver higher quality, underpinned with better service while focusing on cost containment. Cosmonet has helped many organizations overcome these challenges with ease and success. Our constant innovation and undivided focus on our customer projects have brought high return on investment for our clients and have helped them attain their customer delight.

Our Focus


Our comprehensive solutions help you build differentiation in your organization by responding to changing market dynamics and offering the products and services members need. We provide proven solutions to increase member retention and sustainability while controlling costs and complying with regulatory guidelines.

Healthcare Providers

We focus on enabling real-time information sharing. Our solutions provide a vision and blueprint for how health organizations can improve operational efficiencies, accelerate innovations into practice, minimize risk and deliver high quality care.

We are HL7 Member focused on International Healthcare practices & standards.


Our field-proven services and solutions help deliver higher levels of service; retail integration , specialty pharmacy operations, clinical trials and mine data for clinical and business intelligence metrics.

Why Cosmonet ?

Cosmonet constantly endeavors to deliver high quality solutions that enable healthcare organizations to create agile, effective and dynamic solutions that enable them gain the agility and speed needed to meet changing industry demands, operate more efficiently and effectively. We pride ourselves of Swiss Quality and relentlessly strive to bring innovative solutions of true value to our customers.

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