Engagement Models:

Cosmonet has vanilla of engagement models from which the customers can benefit in multiple ways. Cosmonet has mastered the art of making these models successful by understanding the challenges, nitty-gritty associated with these models and by innovating the mitigations. We partner with the customers to understand scenarios, needs, preferences and workout a simple, robust & scalable engagement models.

Typical models we have pioneered are:

Each model listed above has its own uniqueness and benefits. Only models alone will not win success; we understand this quite clearly at Cosmonet. Along with the models we synergize with the customers to bring values in the form of processes, people, experience and framework to support the established model. We closely collaborate with the customers to tailor and fine tune the engagement model such that it does not becomes heavy weight. At Cosmonet we have strong and robust frameworks that ensure the success from these models.

This is one of the proven and time tested models at Cosmonet. In this case the delivery teams will be located in multiple places in a distributed fashion. A thin onsite team is maintained for managing domain centric, mission critical and person specific tasks. A separate larger delivery teams participate at offshore or nearshore to support the onsite teams. The offshore teams can exist in multi-locations at offshore. Onsite team acts as a bridge between the customer and offshore teams. Most volume of the work is done at offshore. The offshore team comprises of technocrats, project managers, leaders, techno engineers, quality inspection specialists, and domain experts. They collaborate to execute the project and deliver it to the onsite team. Onsite team inspects the delivery, works on integration and environment specific changes to be made and integrates the delivered sources and executables into the customer’s environment and proceeds further.

The customer will always have quick access to Cosmonet’s onsite team for any queries or coordination. This model is most suited for the development and maintenance of less critical applications, application re-engineering, migration etc. This model gives a good ROI for medium and large scale initiatives.

This model provides exclusive access of offshore teams and infrastructure to the customers. The staff, infrastructure, processes and practices are jointly established by closely collaborating with the customers. This setup works as an extended unit of customer’s development center. The setup will be completely isolated from other setups at offshore. The development center will function independently in accordance with the customer’s preferences. The setup will have isolated LANs, secured accesses, separated workspaces, customized processes, dedicated support staff, exclusive high speed connectivity, VPNs, dedicated servers, and resources. Cosmonet has needed expertise and infrastructure to setup the ODCs in real quick time. This kind of model is well suitable for the customers who are primarily focused on data protection, security, IP protections, etc.

One of the models offered by Cosmonet is Build-Operate-Transfer. This model helps the customers who have the plans to start their operations at offshore. Cosmonet helps the customers to set up and manage the development centers, facilities, infrastructure, processes etc. The operations will be run by Cosmonet for certain predefined period. Once the operations reach steady and stable state, the operations will be taken over by the customers. Careful planning and transition will be worked out in collaboration with the customer to ensure smooth transition. Once the transition is complete the customers will take over the operations independently and Cosmonet will exit from the engagement. Contracts will be established jointly to define the operation requirements, infrastructure needs, timelines, exit clauses etc. The contract will also indicate the duration of the operations by Cosmonet and transition protocol and handover mechanisms etc.

The customers can leverage from Cosmonet’s experience and processes to set up the initial base. This also ensures lesser initial investment from the customer’s side.

Cosmonet has competent consultants who work closely with our customers at their premises. This model helps the customers to leverage on consultants’ technical and functional expertise. Our consultants collaborate with the customers’ teams to jointly work on the assignments. We bring values in terms of technology, best practices, and processes. Our consultants understand the systems and applications present at the customers’ locations quickly and move up the value chain with the time. This will help the customers to focus on their core business, new initiatives and innovations etc. We have been practicing this model with many of our customers since more than a decade.

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