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With the changing regulations, cost containment drives , the healthcare industry management has seen a need for more informed financial management applications. Understanding KPI compliance, clinical performance and profitability is of most importance and is needed on a continuous basis.

Cosmonet’s management reporting application termed BizFit HC provides extensive reporting and controlling facility. Users get canned reports as well as self designed reports using bizfits report writing tool. BizFit HC has the ability to collate information from different sources via many communication channels and present it back to users in meaningful formats.

  • BizFit HC dashboard provides top management with a consolidated overview and control of business tracking, key performance indicators (KPls) and trends.

  • BizFit HC keeps you on top of your initiatives, and does not allow off-track trends to age.

Key features of BizFit HC are as below:

  • BizFit HC is a Monitor and Control tool for Senior Management.
  • Designed for ease of use, with meaningful data in each screen and report.
  • As – Is data for complete transparency to Senior Management.
  • Tracks and Manages compliance of goals(KPI’s) – Target V/s Actuals.
  • Provides enterprise wise and individual TREND of compliance.
  • Provides a global view of performance metrics.
  • Preventive care - Alerts Management pro-actively.
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Why Cosmonet ?

Cosmonet constantly endeavors to deliver high quality solutions that enable healthcare organizations to create agile, effective and dynamic solutions that enable them gain the agility and speed needed to meet changing industry demands, operate more efficiently and effectively. We pride ourselves of Swiss Quality and relentlessly strive to bring innovative solutions of true value to our customers.

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The implementation of healthcare dashboards at a leading healthcare organization has led to a reduction in costs, billing errors and an increase in efficiency. BizFit HC at this hospital delivers unit performance and variance trends of patient volume, average length of stay and service speed to hospital administrators.

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